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Help me to get Level 1

Help me to get level one… need to increase sales… just losing hope & my confidence… what to do now ? I think i am offering great deal but… Some how my gigs are not doing well…? :frowning: help me guys

Thanks for replying @kjblynx

  1. orders are being delievered.
  2. I will change that
  3. I will upload a sample

    if you need any kind of service please let me know

Perhaps if you were to choose more eye-catching gig cover photos, you’d see increased interest? Right now, your images just don’t stand out, and if they don’t stand out, they’ll end up getting less hits, views, and sales than other more visible gigs. People are visual. Choose cover images that related directly to your gig (never, ever, ever post unrelated cover photos), and make sure they are visually appealing, interesting, and unique.

If you don’t stand out from the rest, you will get lost in the crowd.