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Help me to get more sales

hello every one its my first blog on fiverr forum . i am working on from 2014 and i was getting good work specially in the starting but now it been a year that i am not getting any orders though u have good rating, good response time and i always making new gigs. i tried each and every thing i also tried buyer requests on daily biases but still my gig is not in buyers views so help me and suggest m what should i do??

@ameliecon, change your profile picture and improve your English. As you can see in your reviews, buyers even mention the language barrier. I can see your gigs are probably written by someone else, so it’s important to have the same level of English while communicating with clients. Also choose a photo of you smiling, instead of one where you look sad/mad.

Good luck!

I have to agree with anamariaedan, you look very angry, I seriously do not
know why you decided to use that photo. When I clicked on your name and saw a bigger
version of your profile pic, I actually said “Woah!” out loud.
You should change that to you smiling or create a nice looking logo,
also ask someone to edit your profile description. Just by that short description people
will notice that English is not your first language and might avoid you because of that.

yes change profile picture :slight_smile:

It is a weird tendency. Maybe you need a unique gig to be created?

but HOW can this person change HIS/her picture when all they had to start with was that only one??

Meaning it is a picture of a foreign actress (I just google searched it)! And most probably this seller is NOT who she claims to be, like the thousand other FAKE sellers with FAKE profile from a particular country starting with the letter P. They take images from google, then VPN into a USA server and create a Fiverr profile with a female image and a female name.

Sellers like these are what is diluting the market completely…

Even though your pic isn’t you (which is silly) your angry profile with a “shouting” all-caps title demanding help makes me want to run away.

Oh, I had no idea that’s not her. Anyway, it doesn’t matter where she’s from, Fiverr is for everyone. If people would judge me for being from Romania, it would make me really sad, because as sellers it’s our work, passion, and customer service abilities that should speak for ourselves, not our cultural background. I gave her my advice, and I would glad to see her follow it and succeed. (My only concern are her negative reviews, which I think reflect her work in a negative way.)

Have a nice day!

That’s funny. Because she is a logo designer. :slight_smile: It should be a piece of cake. Even I have a logo, but I would like people to see me, to keep things more friendly.

please lets be honest with our self for God sake please, why using fake ID ? this is even what others will eventually find out, maybe your buyer already find out that you are fake seller, but you need to know that your doings will eventually catch up with you, it only takes time.