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Help me! to get my first order

Hi Everyone,
I am new in Fiverr, so help me to get my first order.
Give me some tips for selling my GIG. I am already Implement many tips but still unsuccessful to get
my first order. See my GIG and say what kind of improvements needed in my GIG. And if possible refer me to some topics Which help me a lot.

My GIG’s link:-

Thank You


Your first order need ? follow this advice
1:- First you need all time active in fiverr.
2:- Your gig description matching by SEO like a buyer when search there work than show your gig.
3:- Promote your gig in viral soical media like twitter.
4:- Send buyer request.

If you follow this tips evryday than after one week you’ll get first order.

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You say to ‘see the FAQs’ but you have no FAQ section.

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Thank You for giving me this suggestions

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Thank you,
I will fix it soon.