Help me to get my first order





It would be helpful for us if you can be a bit more specific with the type of

help you need.

Do you need help with promotion? Ideas on how to promote? Critique your gig?

Simply saying “I need help” in most cases will come across as simply begging for people to buy your gigs, and it doesn’t really give a good impression.

Hope this helps.


i will advice you use the following tips to promote your gig or profile

  1. socail media site like facebook, twitter etc
  2. join forum site and promote your gig or profile there.
  3. create a free blog and post about your fiverr services with link to your gig or profile
  4. write articles and put link to your gig or profile

    i hope this small tips help


The first thing you need to do is review all the writing in your gigs. You listed yourself as a writer, so it’s really important that you demonstrate your skills as a writer. The reason I say this is because some of what I read gave me the impression that English is your second language - you’re missing certain articles in your sentences like “a,” and for English-language shoppers they’ll worry that they’re going to have communication problems. Plus, if you’re selling a writing gig, they won’t hire you because they want writers with native-level fluency.


Reply to @jamesbulls:

Exactly, I noticed that too. If I were looking for a writing gig, a spelling or grammatical mistake would instantly put me off.

Also @christinemartin:

Add personality to your ‘about me’. Talk about yourself and show the seller that you have a personality. Talk about your history, what you are doing, your likes and dislikes and perhaps why you are better than the others. I would buy from people who reveal some of them to me, and not to an absolute unknown.