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Help me to get order on my gigs


Hello guys,
I am new on fiverr. I created few gigs professionally. I share my each gigs regularly in all social medias. Follow forum and blog regularly, Updated gig professionally. Impression is increasing but I didn’t get any order yet. Need suggestion from experts.



I have the same probleme … a lot of impression but 0 order


So sad. I am also frustrated about this situation.


I, as with most people I imagine, am both wary and weary of graphic designers on Fiverr.

I’m not trying to be funny or to offend you when I say this, but there is something about the logos in your portfolio that lead me to believe… they’re not your work.

The fact that you are offering 2 of (what you say are) your logos for $5, with 12 hours’ delivery time is suspicious.

To put that in perspective, I currently have an order with a TRS graphics designer (Basic package) for 1 logo. The service cost $15 with a delivery time of 12 days.

Offering unlimited free revisions is never a good idea for reasons that should be obvious.

Your description needs work…

… and that’s just for your bestselling Gig.


no, its not. maybe he is faster (with a poor quality) or have an studio, just dat.
or he just make the first sketch, and any correction puts 12 hours more…

and logo its an Overcrowned bussines here, go to the first page, search logo and you can see 3 gigs from diferents Studios, making 2 logos in 4 Hours with vector and unique designs (and an expectacular quality)… ohh… and 5 or 10, or 15 corrections, but they dont need more than 2… xD 5 stars always…


same here…this is really frustrating


It’s a pity, really.
I looked your Gigs and your page on Flickr and I’m impressed.
You have talent; your works deliver a sense of freshness, cleanliness, and balance.

As it has been pointed out, selling a good product at exceptionally good conditions backfires badly on the seller. You shouldn’t push so much on the fast delivery.
Twelve hours - but even just one day - to deliver such quality is something that is very hard to believe.

But it can be. Please choose one:

  1. You have built an immense warehouse of material prepared in advance, ready to be adapted upon request. Risky strategy, but it’s legit. Many restaurants do this, since a long time.
    It’s just that mileage may vary. Look to “Kitchen Nightmares”.

  2. You are managing a pool of designers that work almost for free.
    This is a matter pertinent to your conscience.

  3. You are honest and skilled, but desperate.

I bet on 1) and 3).


  1. raise the prices, or consolidate every Gig in a single package
  2. increase the delivery times to a realistic level
  3. remove the unlimited revisions. You can always offer a certain number of them.

I noticed a major error in the Gig dedicated to the background removal.
You wrote “professially”, that is obviously wrong.
Since this affect the URL, you may need to rebuild the Gig.

Speaking of background removal, I have to say this.

I find that the main problem of removing a background is not removing the background.
It’s the opposite.
Many times, the problem is to rebuild what was behind a certain object that had to be removed.
Trees behind a house, grass under the cars, skin behind the glasses. And so on. I had to do this once.
I became blue in the face.


Yes. I agree with you. I will update delivery time and spelling errors. Thanks a lot for such a nice suggestion. I hope it will works.


Yes but you have to keep patience. Some good suggestions are coming here. Please follow them and keep working. Thanks


Thanks for your good suggestion. I didn’t notice this thing. I will update it. Thanks


Thanks a lot for your good suggestion. I will definitely follow those. I hope it will works.



Just be sure that you have added right keywords.


Okay. Thanks for your good suggestion.


I just want to let you know that, I updated my gig and got an order. Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions. Really appreciate it. Thanks again :slight_smile:


I’m glad you got an order. Best of luck! :grinning:


Just want to inform you that I updated my gig and got a sale today. Thanks a lot your great help. Really appreciate it.