Help me,, to get order


I can work very well. But i can not get any order. How can i solve this problem?


Please wait and send offer.


You won’t get any orders if you can’t even use proper English.


Brother Hasnat,

You will get more and more order. I Have seen your profile and i noticed that you create 1 gig. First you create 7 gigs. then you have much more buyer request. Than you send 10 request every day and keep
Patience. You will order very soon. Hope you are clear now.

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very very thanks
rocky bro…


That is actually really awful advice unless he is making 7 DIFFERENT gigs. You can’t make 7 gigs about the same stuff, you’ll get banned. So unless you have 7 seperate skills, I don’t reccommend this at all!


Read this thread


Dear, all “your” images pop up elsewhere.
To a buyer who knows reverse image search, this is how your gig looks:


yes you are right. I agree with you.


Oh, my!! True, very true.

I’ve had that happen to me several times.


Easy… This is a bit harsh


use the buyer request thing


Try to offer at least 3 or 4 different gigs. Search buyer requests daily and send at least 10 offers if you can. Also, be sure there are no grammatical errors in your profile page and within your gig description. Include a portfolio of your work and if you don’t have samples then create some. Hang in there and don’t be discouraged!


The question is… what are YOU doing to get orders?
Sitting on your derrière, expecting other sellers to help you is just silly. :unamused:
See @idostuff74 post. :arrow_up:


Thank you
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You learn. How to improve your gig sell. Go ahead.



Your profile description is exactly the same as someone who has just posted on the forum under the heading" I Cry Every Time".


What it is is 100% true. Would you buy services from someone who sounds like they didn’t pass middle school English? Probably not. Gigs are a competitive endeavor, you have to be able to present and air of professionalism, look like you have some idea of what you are talking about. And if you can’t string together a set of words, why would anyone hire you? They won’t.

The majority of “Why can’t I get a sale?” posts I have seen have absolutely NO grammatical skills at all. That is simply the truth, if it is harsh, then it is harsh because it needs to be said and not sugarcoated.

You WILL NOT get sales if you cannot use proper English. Period.


I agree with what you are saying. If you had not told him, he would not know. I am new here and was cruising the gigs to get ideas on how to do mine. One person who is a proofreader said he would correct “speeling” for people as part of his gig. Maybe he should proofread his own gig. However, I think nadratan was saying something about the way you let him know.