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Help me to get orders. I am not getting any orders

HELP ME Please.

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  1. Use the search feature to look at hundreds of posts asking the same question
  2. market your gigs on Social Media
  3. Don’t expect anyone else but you to put any effort.
  4. Order a gig, and the seller will help you, 10 days. For an extra fast delivery extra of $40, I’ll help.

Definitely check the buyer requests section and if you see something that matches with the services you’re offering, submit your gig. That’s how I’ve gotten most of my clients. Once your gig gets enough good reviews, it goes up on the Fiverr search engine and more buyers are likely to seek you out for orders. It does take a little time though. I’ve only been on Fiverr since March. Have patience, stick with it, and you’ll succeed! :grinning:


Thank you sir for your suggestion. I will try to follow those trick

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buyer request are not showing in my account.

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Right tip thanks
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Instead of asking why you are not getting orders just take a look at your gig and compare it to others with good gigs

Small question are you a doctor :sweat_smile:

improve your gig quality and send professional buyer request.