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Help me to get rid of Facing a problems in fiverr account device active location

Hi, everyone!
I’m facing a problem suddenly in my Fiverr account. The problem is in profile setting after entering in security user device location shows that the device is active from abroad like Italy or Canada when I’m using the device from Bangladesh.
I can not understand what the problem is for showing this type of location as I’m Bangladeshi and I’m a Bangladeshi Fiverr profile holder.
Is there any expert who can provide me a valid suggestion or solution. How can I get rid of this problem?


Please help me out to get rid of the problem.
Thank you!

Are you using fiverr from your phone? Do you use VPN?

If it’s not your phone then you’d better sign out all devices

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I think you’re using fiverr with VPN. Please disconnect the VPN, sign out from all devices and log in on your account. I hope this will work.

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Hello, Maria! Yes I’m using in both cell phone and computer. I’ve tried to sign out from all devices but there is no good result. It remains same.

I had not used any VPN in my device. And I’ve tried sign out from all devices like computer and cell phone but it still same as before sign out or new sign in.

Wish it will be okay!
Is there any other way please let me know?
Thank you, for your support!

Hi, Maria!
Hope you are well in this days.
I’ve signed out all of my devices from my profile settings also install windows 10 again in my pc and reset data factory of cellphone. So there is no VPN in my pc or in my cellphone but the problem is still same. Is there any other way or not. Should I ask help and support from Fiverr? Please give me a suggestion.
Thank you!

Is this a major problem or not.
Let me know please.
Thank you!

that can also happen if a spy code is inserted into your router. Yes, routers are also vulnerable to viruses… I recommend that you restart the router or change it :skull_and_crossbones:

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Hi, Deivy !
Thank you for your suggestion. I will must try it tomorrow at morning. It could be the reason of the problem.
Thank you again.