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Help me to improve my first gig

I am new in fiver.Want to do my best.Your advice needed to improve my gig and got order.

Hi and welcome

Since you are asking :slight_smile:

  • I think you should review everything in your gig and profile for grammar/ syntax errors. There are sellers on Fiverr offering review for English scripts (if you cannot ask a friend who is excellent in English to help you). Such errors in the gig description and/ or profile can make a buyer leave your page and search elsewhere.

  • Then, I think it is very important that you add many more samples to your gig. You have only two and they are not so impressive (if you check out what other sellers in your niche are offering).

  • But you can also think about what other services you could offer on Fiverr because your niche is really full of similar gigs to yours.

Anyway, all the best

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