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Help me to improve my gig and tell me how can I get my first order

I am a new seller on fiver but I have a lot of experience in photo editing and photo cut out. I couldn’t get any kinds of orders on Fiverr. But, I will their creat many gigs but that’s gig did not get any order. Ranking not. please help me, anyone

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There are literally thousands of others offering photo editing here - and new sellers signing up in this category every day. The competition is stiff. Whenever new people come here signing up in the over crowded categories - virtual assistant, photo editing, data entry, logo design etc - they always end up in the forum confused why they are not getting orders. Well, it is probably because unless your Gig has some amazing stand out quality, it will get lost in a sea of other new and old sellers Gigs.


thanks for your helpfull advise

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