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Help me to improve my GIG skill!

Hello I’m new on Fiverr. Rate my GIG. Give me feedback how I can improve my


You may need to change your thread’s title as it seems like you are offering something shady.

As for your gig, it seems like you are trying to appeal to every industry that was hit by the Covid-19.

Have you given your gig any thought?


Thanks for your suggestion. And yes I’ve thought about my GIG.

OK then. Best of luck.

Okay. Thanks again for the suggestion :blush:

I just went through it, it looks alright to me. Then again I’m new myself.

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Thanks for looking up my GIG! & Welcome to Fiverr.

Your gig looks amazing but you may want to re-target to another audience since all events are canceled for the foreseeable future. Think about what other flyers you could make.


Well I’ll keep that on my mind.

You are right frank_d

That’s a Good point, all we need to Offer Services as People needs, right now.


Yes, client satisfaction is my first priority

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