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Help me to improve my gigs and remove the flaws from it


Here are all of my Gigs,
Please check and suggest me for any improvement.

Gig One: Data Entry And Virtual Assistant (New Gig) Old one deleted and created new one to get boosted in the search list.

Gig Two: Video Editor | Ranked in the second page. Trying to fetch it in the first page

Gig Three: Logo Designing (New Gig) | Created after SEO Researched.

GIg Four: Logo Designing (Old Gig With Reviews) |

Gig Five: Landing Page (Wordpress) | New Gig have good impressions but no order yet.

Gig Six: Wordpress Website | New Gig have good impressions but no order yet.

Gig Seven: Article Rewriting | Old Gig with some reviews That’s why I am not deleting it. But After Complete Research on SEO I will also improve it.


VA, video editor, logo designer, developer and SEO specialist.
Jack of all trades, master of none?

Even when you’re working with a team, pick 1 or 2 things and focus on those.


I am trying to do that. Hope to give a fresh startup from 2019


@helal8512112 You can work best on your gig. Just get inspired with other stellar sellers in your niche and analyse how you can make your gig better.

Follow this forum for more tips and tricks :grinning: