Help me to improve my gigs


Hi experts of Fiverrs.
I’ve created some gigs but its looking that may be there is some problem in my gig.
I’m requesting you to help me by checking my gig’s fault.

Please help me about my 4* star review too.



I going to give you a chance to delete your post before I flag it. You are spamming and there is NO proof that video will increase gig impression by 200%.


I really recommend you read the 5r Academy and helpful tips from Top sellers in the forum. You may want to scour through other sellers in your field -PLEASE do not copy their design, just get ideas.

Good luck to you.


Just a quick thought: In your profile description, you have written that you work as part of a team. But in one of your gigs, you have written that you are a freelance designer (as opposed to a team as described in your profile) This might confuse your potential buyers. You have to be consistent.

“Thank God, You found Me!” Seriously?