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Help me to improve my work at fiverr

I’m a new saller at fiverr. I have get only one order and after that I’m not getting order anymore. Please help me in this regards.
I want to make my gigs effective for getting more and more order. Please help me.


We cannot help you gain more orders. You’re going to have to do that on your own through good marketing, effective promotion, and creative efforts to make your gig captivating and stand out from your competitors.

We are not going to do your work for you.


First of all, you shouldn’t be offering translation gigs.
Did you even check your gig description? From the very first sentence it’s clear you are not
fit for the job.
Also for the illustration gig, I saw one sample image which CLEARLY does not belong to you.
The same thing with the cartoon gig, I’m having doubts that any of those images belong to you since the style are so inconsistent.

We can’t help you improve unless you create a gig based on YOUR work first.


I’d just like to point out that the first picture on your “I Will Draw A Cute Cartoon” gig is 100% stolen. There’s a watermark of “ANWAR” on it.


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Check you English
"I will do unique illustraion for you "
and deliver in 1 day.