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Help me to sell my gigs and get vistors


Hello Guys,

Please help me to sell my gigs. I have got no vistors, and no sales too. I want to sell at least one gig. I also promoted my gigs too, but no use. So, Pleaseeeeeeeeeee Help me.
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

My Gigs:-
1. How to prevent advertisments in youtube - (
2. How to ensure security of a website - (
3. How to create a very simple logo



make proper and unique gig
Add best keywords
Send buyer requests
Categorize the gig proper
Add video or image


Hello @rishwitham,
You need to work on your GIGs. I just check your profile and I can write you few things which could help you, but also use these things from @arslanlb.
After you research keywords, try to write more words about GIG, you have to short text. Trough text put keywords, also that words use for tags and maybe one or two in a title.
I saw that you put your mail in a description, you don’t need that here, remove it.
When you finished with GIG go to Buyer Request and try to find the perfect request for you.
I hope so that you use a social network for promoting your GIG, that is a good option. And don’t miss to find some forum about your GIG and nice blogs, also a nice place to find an interested buyer and bring them here. :slight_smile:
I hope that these words can help a little.
Wish you all the best in future and keep working!
Best regards!


Hello there,
I’m a newbie too, so dunno I have enough quality to advise you,
and the thing is, @coolboby and @arslanlb already told you what to do.
If you face any problem to follow their instructions, I suggest you visit multiple top rated sellers profile and featured gigs.
look at them, how nice and clean they are! Follow their path, describe your gigs perfectly, keep your profile simple and clean.
(adding 1 or 2 lines per gig isn’t understandable for buyers)
Wish you good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your advice, check my gigs now.


Thank you so much for your advice, check my gigs now. And all the best as a newbie


Thank you so much for your advice, check my gigs now. And as you i changed description