Help me to success in fiverr


hi everybody,

im new member to fiverr. i published gig before 1 week. but still get 1 order yet. please help me to get more order in fiverr. also want to know have any option to get support from fiverr CS to come fiverr first page

thank you and help meeee sooooon


I think your gig will do very well since you offer more than any other logo designer. Express delivery, 3 logo concepts, PSD file, unlimited delivery etc.

All you need now if feedback. Patience plays a role in this too, you won’t get many orders in the beginning but keep promoting you stuff on social media and to friends. Also when you deliver your gig, ask people to leave you positive feedback if they are satisfied with your work.

Logo design is very competitive on fiverr but keep your head up, keep promoting and always over-deliver.

Good luck



I haven’t read the forums TOS, so I won’t spam my video, but there are some really great videos on YouTube that explain methods to sell more gigs. Avoid the spammy/WSO/scammy crap that’s trying to sell you low-quality ebooks.


Maybe if you posted gigs in your own language? I prefer NOT to work with those who are not fluent in English. It complicates so much.

Perhaps if you communicated with those in your language, those who speak your native language will notice your gigs and recommend them to others who also use your native language…

I hope you come back to see the helpful posts others have left for you. :slight_smile:


Reply to @kjblynx: Nice links. Wish I could save your post somehow, to refer to others who ask this same question. :slight_smile:


Your gig is really good,

what I did was,

Do social bookmarking.

Create youtube blog

Add videos

I did all and have 20 orders in 25 days and counting… :wink:


@vedarth22, if your gig promotion method really did worked, then that’s exactly what I need to do, cos am just new on fiverr, with just one sale, but I understand and believe that once I learm to do the right gig promotion stuffs, then orders will start rolling in, no doubt.


Add video, social marketing helps, too.