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Help me to translate a message (bengali) which i receive from my seller


Hello everyone, I receive a message from my seller.

Is there anybody can help me to translate this message (Bengali)?

Message is - “tor boure kuttadiacudamu khankimagir pola”


It was a bad comment sir.


Reply to @mu_arju: Can you please tell me what is the meaning of this message?


use google translate it will help you.


It’s really shame thing. That seller was really very bad. How can I tell you meaning. This is so much bad comment.


Reply to @raselkhondokar: Can you please tell me the meaning of this message?


Reply to @abidagfx: google translate is not working because this message was written by local language.


You should be able to use Google translate. If you type in Google translate then it should come up with an option to include the content to translate


He used a bad slang in that message about your wife… I dont type this word here in English…


This seller is too bad. How can he use this kind of bad slang to a buyer. Sorry but it’s really shameful word use in this message about buyers wife’s and his mother. Seller say, “he ■■■■ buyers wife by a dog” and “buyer was a son of prostitute”. Shame to this seller.


I can’t translate this message, but trusting other users that did this for you, I suggest you to write a ticket on Customer Support site and report this user as soon as possible.

Such messages are worth a ban from Fiverr I suppose…