Help me to understand the environment


I’m the newbie here. Already created a gig :wink: but in the “my GIG” option, I don’t understand the impression of my created GIG. what is the Impression and how it works? Do I even get an order without any rating on my profile? what should I do to get orders quickly?


First, search the forum. You are asking questions that have been asked before. The same answers apply.


You are off to a pretty good start. I think your profile and gig look impressive for a newbie and I think you could just use to tweak it a bit. I would use a more professional photo with you smiling while facing the camera without people in the background. Also, your profile description is a wee bit clunky, but I cannot say it’s actually grammatically incorrect. I think I’m alone in this, but I think that new folks should not do the three packages, but instead pile tons of content into a single five dollar offering. Finally, you’re going to want to add several more gigs because I see you have technical abilities that you’re not putting to work in the gig you’re offering. Most of us could write articles if we wanted to, but we can’t write code, as you can. Put that to work.

Best of luck to you! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your helpful suggestion. That was my first GIG you have seen, I’ll create other gigs in other particular experience of mine. One of my friends said I shouldn’t create two or more GIGS in 24 hours