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Help me understand. About remote desktop (RDP), team viewer. and the likes

So I always try to help out when I can but today it’s me who is looking for help. I have googled and researched but did not find the info I was looking for. So I am considering using team viewer to download some stuff and control my home pc while I am away. So my question is do I need super fast internet? If I download like 500mb from 1 pc do I require the same number of bytes when I cut the file and paste it to the other pc?

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Hello @phantompower,
Few times I sent files trough Teamviewer from PC to PC. The speed of internet on PC how receive files are about 30mb/sec and on sender PC is about 50mb/sec. This is my experiences, I hope that this can help you in your question.

Meaning I’d be better of downloading the files from one pc and using them instead of transferring using team viewer.

I m not sure that understand your answer, but if you don’t have any other faster option, you can use Teamviewer. I think that is the slowest option to transfer files.

Thank you, that clears everything up

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You are welcome.
I m glad if I help you with that information.
Best regards! :slight_smile:

I was just confused. My pc has internet speed 10mbps. When I travel I use my laptop and the internet is so terrible it hits 512kb. So I was thinking that I could use team viewer to download things from my pc at home then copy paste to my laptop. I thought that it would be faster that way.

You can use OneDrive or Pushbullet remote files if you’re​ trying to transfer files one pc to another. Remote desktop/TeamViewer/ultraviewers aren’t recommend to transfer files. These are better for controlling pc when you’re outside.

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I told you “I think that is the slowest option to transfer files.”. So, maybe is better to use advice from @n4y33m about transferring files.

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