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Help me understand Gig Statistics

I am one person who loves statistics and anything math. However, I am finding it confusing to understand how Gig statistics work. Let’s take one example: Impressions.

IMPRESSIONS: These are impressions from Fiverr, or the number of times your Gig appeared in the thumbnails (i.e., on the homepage, category/subcategory page, search, and user page)

Now when my Impressions is 51 and a green arrow UP is shown I understand my gig has been viewed 51 times this week. But when Impression shows 31 and a red arrow DOWN, I fail to understand what this number represents. Does it signify 31 times my gig was never shown to a user? How does Fiverr come up with this figure?
Can somebody explain this part further? Thanks


Just as a general tip, I suggest using the “30 days” setting.

  • The green arrow means a particular stat is UP.
  • The red arrow means a particular stat is DOWN.

Fiverr bases the arrows on the historical data of your gig. If you’re viewing under “7 days” and you had 51 impressions last week, but only 31 this week, you’re getting fewer and fewer impressions. The arrow will be red and point down.

On the other hand, if you had only 31 impressions last week and you get 51 this week, the arrow will be green and it will point up. You’re getting more impressions.

  • Impressions: How many times your gig has appeared in search results in the given period.
  • Clicks: How many people have clicked on your gig.
  • Views: How many times a person has viewed your gig (if they bookmark your gig and return to it later, that’s another view).
  • Orders: I personally only focus on whether or not this number is up, unless I’m trying to gauge the use of new keywords (then I look at impressions, too).

Don’t go too crazy staring at your stats. Fiverr has an ebb-and-flow.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Perfectly!:smiley: Thanks for the detailed explanation. So you’re saying you can tweak keywords to improve order conversion rate?

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You can research better keywords (or “tags”) for your gig based on what competitors use and the terms buyers will search to find your service. You can choose up to 5.

You can see what a competitor is using by finding a gig similar to yours that is selling nicely. Scroll down the page (under the description and most recent reviews):


If your keywords are getting you good results, however, I wouldn’t tweak them. You will want to change just one at a time to keep the variables down, and then see how your impressions change over the course of 30 days before making other changes.

All of that is just general SEO. You might want to read up on it to improve your results at Fiverr (lots of info on the forum already).


Thanks alot. I highly appreciate your advice.

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Maybe a little tip, don’t put a lot concern on stat.
That’s how I do last year and actually it make me stress out.

Then I tried to change my focus on how to improve my quality service.

I found out nowaday, even when some of my gig statistics is down but the sales can increase as well.

This is all about fiverr algorithm that we might not understand well, so let’s keep in focusing giving the best service to all our customer.

Good luck for your gig :slight_smile:


One question for @sydneymorgan you said, find a competitor who’s gig is selling well. How in my supposed to know if my competitors gigs are selling well or not? Is it solely based off their ranking in search results? Or is there something else that I missing?

Maybe we can Said it by looking at how much order queue this gig have my friend.

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As @gunawanguan said, that’s how I determine what gigs are doing good. I look at ranking, orders in queue, and then price. You can also see how consistently new reviews are popping up on their profile page. If they’re steadily getting 3-4+ reviews each day, they’re probably using the right keywords (or very good marketing tactics).

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So after we had this conversation, I searched for other sellers in the area I provide services in to see what their queues looked like. At that point, I had 8 orders in queue and I was feeling pretty good. Then I looked at the top two search results and saw that they both had over 100 orders in their queue. Looks like I’ve got a long way to go!

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Wow! I wish I was like them. But I’ll have to work even harder.

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What to do with a negative review?

Negative reviews are permanent. There is nothing you can “do” with it. The best thing to do – as a result of the negative review – is to learn from that negative review, and work to ensure that there is no reason for someone else to leave a similar review in the future.

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thank you so much for your valuable information

what happens when red arrow is beside your order? does it mean maybe if you have earned $5 in the past the money will disappear from your account or something

Do you mean red arrows pointing down on the gig statistics page? This page lets you view your gig statistics for the past 7 days, 30 days, 3 months, and 6 months. Choose a time period and then look at your stats.

  • A red arrow next to a stat means it has dropped. So, if you’ve had only 300 impressions this week compared to 400 last week, you’ll see a red arrow pointing down.

  • A green arrow next to a stat means it has increased. So, if you’ve had 400 impressions this week compared to 300 last week, you’ll see a green arrow pointing up.

You want green arrows, but the only stat I really pay attention to is “Orders”. Everything else changes constantly. :blush:

What i asked was what happens when there is a red arrow beside your ‘order’ stats does your money reduce or something

No, that just means you have gotten fewer orders in the past however many days.

If you set the time period to 7 days and it shows a red arrow next to “Orders”, you got more orders last week than you have this week. If you set the time period to 30 days and it shows a red arrow next to “Orders”, you got more orders last month compared to this month. And so on.

It just means you’ve sold fewer of that gig this last 30 days than you did in the previous 30 days.

:slightly_smiling_face: @sydneymorgan - out of hearts!

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Unfortunately, I have violated Fiverr TOS. What can I do now?