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Help me understand how Fiverr calculates "High Rating" in list sorting

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a top-rated seller for a few years now (PuppetGrams, Hi!), and my orders have recently tanked since the rollout of V3/new rating system. I checked out the “Video & Animation/Puppets” category, and sorted the list by 'High Rating" - and where I used to always be in the top three or four, now I’m ranked #8 with a whole bunch of gigs sorted higher than mine with criteria that objectively looks much lower than my own rankings. I can’t make any sense of it.

For instance, the gig marked DIRECTLY higher than mine has 26 positive reviews, with the most recent review left three months ago. In contrast, my gig has 431 positive reviews, with the most recent positive review eight days ago. I don’t understand why the former gig would be ranked higher by any metric, unless Fiverr is taking into account something entirely outside of customer ranking behavior to calculate their “High Rating” metric, which doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on here?

Thank you!


To be honest. Even fiverr doesnt know that…

They messed it up, pretty badly when v3 came. I hope they will fix it.

It’s still messed up. Very unhappy with this.

omg, at one point I was getting 20-30 orders a day now im barely getting even 1 a day… what is going on hereeee??

I can’t find either of my gigs any more in the search box. Not only but while searching for my gig I came across six gigs utilizing the same video and that was just the first page of results.

I put a work order into Fiverr 29 days ago and no response. I guess they are either embarrassed or they don’t have an answer. One thing I’m pretty sure of. Fiverr won’t admit they messed up.

I have same problem (which started after vacation mode). People ranked above me on high rating have 200,300reviews), I have 1600reviews on one gig (not to mention that a guy that is in 10th row has over 6000reviews)

It really makes no sense.