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Help Me Understand Orders Completed Calculations..?


Hi Everyone, back in April I had six orders I had to cancel because I had the flu. I do voice over and session vocals—I didn’t have a voice, and didn’t have a choice. Since then, my gigs have taken a major hit! I’m bouncing back slowly, but I’m confused as to how the percentage of Orders completed are calculated. I saw two days ago, it said the rate was was thing, and now it’s about 13 percentage points lower. What the heck?

I haven’t cancelled an order or had an order canceled since April. In fact, I have secured one order today, and filled an order on the same day my client ordered–(two days ago, due later this evening).

I’m so confused and worried that my efforts aren’t working. What should I do?



Hi Alizsmith, You can also ask for extend the delivery time from buyer. Or you can on vacation mode when you dont want any new order.


That’s helpful, thank you. I also extended delivery time on my number one gig in general just to give a cushion of time. It’s been helpful! :relaxed: