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Help me understand revisions, when buyers ask too much

I’m an illustrator, and I’ve been working with a buyer who has asked for a lot of revisions. I know when you’re making an offer, you can specify how many revisions you allow for that price. But if the buyer still isn’t satisfied, I would rather keep working and get paid to finish the project, rather than cancel the order and waste both of our time, and I don’t get paid at all. What if I offer more revisions in an extra $5 and he doesn’t accept? I don’t want to risk having any cancelled orders, but now my order is marked late because he’s exceeded my limit! How do I get extensions?

Working on Fiverr, I often feel like my time isn’t being respected, and I find myself having to undersell my work because people have such high expectations for extraordinarily low pay. Granted, I’m not the most experienced, but I work quickly and am very accommodating, and I work hard to get the job done right. If it’s not right, I’ll fix it, whatever it takes. But at this rate, I’m working for $2 an hour and that’s not right.

For this particular buyer, feedback for the revisions is not specific enough for me to make proper changes. Saying things like it’s “not attractive” or the pose looks “weird” is not helpful. He had me start over on an entirely new design in the same order, but now my gig is marked late, and that will hurt my score!

If you’re a buyer reading this, please remember when you’re describing what you want, you need to be as specific as possible or artists can’t do their job! You have to improve your language if you’re looking for a very specific thing, or aren’t getting what you want. Plus, you should get what you pay for, so if you’re only paying $40, I don’t expect to spend more than 3 hours on it.

If you’re a seller reading this, can you help me with this revision problem? Do you ever lose sales because you stick to what you’re worth and a buyer tries to push you for too much? I haven’t lost a sale yet, but I want to be accommodating while still getting paid properly for my time. How do I fix this??

They’re just trying to push the envelope and see how much they can get out of you for free, you should state in your buyer instructions how many revisions/mods you are willing to do for free (if any) and then how much you will charge after that, that normally weeds out the scammers and free loaders, always stick to your guns and never compromise your integrity and your worth for the sake of $5, good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks!! Do you know if he can cancel the order without my consent? I’m unsure of how to proceed if he still won’t accept all the work I’ve done and refuses to pay me…

I do not understand that how revision is work because with my every gig I setup 1 or 2 or 5 revision with specific plan & gig. But, when I work and delivered my gig then I can see buyer can click revision as many time they want. Like for a simple gig if i set 1 revision & buyer order that gig. And when I delivered that gig buyer are able to click revision more than 1 time. So, what is the value of that gig revision control in the gig setting page??

It’s a part of your gig description, or your personal TOS. You might add into your description that additional (or all) revisions are priced at $x. So, let’s say Captain Demanding comes along and demands 10 vague revisions and you offer 3 revisions, with each revision (or block of revisions) priced at $y.

Now, your buyer MAY blow a gasket and get abusive (this is good, all grist for the CS dispute that you may have to eventually open), but all you need to do is refer them to your gig description and stick to your guns. If they threaten you with a 1-star review/spam the mod button etc they’re actually breaking TOS and so long as your work is completed to your gig standards, you have a very good chance to not just finish the gig, but also keep the money. After all–the buyer should have done their due diligence.

If you send a pile of crap that’s been copied or is simply dreadful, then this won’t work. Believe it or not, the system is set up to protect both sellers and buyers. It’s not perfect, but it’s better to look at how you can make a system work for you rather than moan about something that means nothing (unlimited revisions even if you set a limit). The main thing with these people is to just turn into a polite robot while making everything suddenly very much in alignment with policy, down to the fussiest of fussy details Get super specific where they get vague. After all, who can fault someone who communicates so well? Delivers on time? Delivers work as specified in their brief?

Plenty of idiots, as it turns out…

The main thing with these people is to just turn into a polite robot while making everything suddenly very much in alignment with policy, down to the fussiest of fussy details

It’s fun to stay calm and polite and professional with those who are obviously trying to provoke a battle.