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Help me understand what’s wrong with it gigs

maybe something is wrong with the text description, or with the video itself, all sales were only Buyer Requests boards


Your portfolio looks OK so I guess you just need to get more traffic to your gig.
What are you gig stats right now? (Impressions vs clicks)

I haven’t checked your category, but if you wish to get some quick reviews then you can play around with the price. You can reduce it until you get 10+ reviews or create basic packages at a lower price point.

If that’s not an option then reach out to your old clients and check if they wish to do any orders through Fiverr.
You have 5 years of experience so you must have some regular clients. Bring them to Fiverr, complete a few orders and get your reviews.

And of course there’s social media, but based on your YT channel it doesn’t seem you have a lot of followers.
Blasting your gig link to various channels won’t help you and it takes time to build up followers


I worked at the company, so all the work belonged to her and I cannot add them to my portfolio, I regularly send my gigs on facebook, tweeter, and everywhere, but all the work I got here were made only from the announcement. clicks 216, vievs 400, impressions 3300


I will try to lower the prices, but I think that such work is already appreciated by me very much, thanks for your reply.


Your numbers are not terrible, but they are not great either.

  • Update your thumbnail with something more catchy
  • Lower your prices

Your price point might be right considering the work you do, but there are thousands of sellers offering the same thing at a lower price point and with more reviews.

Try it out for a couple of weeks at a lower price and in the mean time continue working on your portfolio. Create some dummy work to showcase your skill.


I did it, add more gigs, for all categories of video edit, maybe this will help, thanks


hi again, if it’s not hard for you to look at the changed gigs


The gigs look good and the videos too.

In the “expert video editing” gig you could check the gig description eg. the spelling. eg. it says “Are your loocking” (looking) and “Uses profesional program…” (professional).

Also the profile description says “Are your loocking for” (instead of “looking”).

What you could do is create additional gigs for more video-related things.