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Help me upload to video on fiverr


I have a problem,

I can’t upload my Finished work.

I can’t upload my buyers work videos

my internet connection is good

I have only 23h left to complete.

please help me.


any one?


yes i have complete video :slight_smile:

video format is wmv

and only 29mb


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


You could try uploading to Dropbox. If that works you can deliver them the Dropbox share link through Fiverr. Many people use this method for delivering really large files but it should work for files of any size. If you use this method be aware that the video will not be usable in your live portfolio.



you’re file is probably long, try to import it into windows movie maker and save it, the file size will decrease and you will be able to send it, or upload it to youtube and tell them to download it from there.

anigrams said: the

what is the live portfolio.


Reply to @anigrams:

what is the live portfolio.??


@piuluc Hi I actually have a GIG for that feel free to check it out and place your order


@piuluc – Live portfolio are shared sample videos of what you did for Buyers in the past. If allowed by both the Buyer and Seller they show up as extra “Dots” under your Gig Video and as a camera symbol on the right of a customer review. When these are clicked they allow potential Buyers to see actual work you have delivered in the past in addition to your Gig Video.


Reply to @anigrams: thank you