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Help me what can i do? for improve my gigs


Hello Every One,
This is my first blog on fiverr forum. i am working on last month and i was getting good work specially in the starting :slight_smile: but now i not getting any orders :mask: my gig rating so good :grinning: i also tried buyer requests on daily biases but still no gig sell :smirk: please see my gigs help me and suggest me what can i do???


Iโ€™m nowhere near Top Seller status. Thereโ€™s something about your gig details that stands out for me - your grammar, i.e., โ€œI will build manually exclusive SEO backlinks in 24 hour.โ€ That should read, โ€œI will manually build exclusive SEO backlinks in 24 hours.โ€ Without changing your intend and/or style, Iโ€™ve corrected your grammatical errors. Hey perhaps I should provide what I just did as a service. After all, I am an English teacher.


Dear memasan,
Thanks For Your suggestion :grinning: i can try to developed my English skill . Many Thanksโ€ฆ


Make new gigs, improve your gigโ€™s description & tags and try Buyer requests.


Dear Salehayat,
please tell me what can i improve my tags description?
thank you so much :slight_smile: