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Help me.. Why can't understand me?


I have good talent for design logo but buyers not understand it.
No any one order from me. only one person order my gig and I given him to good service.Then how I show my talent for my client.?

please help me…

Thank You,


well, i think there is some problem in your gig. You can see this article: 13 Tips to promote your gig

There are many more tips in forum. But for now Hope this will work.


Congratulations! You are only here since Mar 2018 and have one order and a good review. Think you need to be patient. Some sellers wait months to get their first order.
Take time to read through the forum for lots of tips on how to get orders using Buyer Requests and promoting your gigs. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks your advice toaufik.


Thank your reply lloydsolutions.
I will need to be patient.


welcome :slight_smile: :grinning:


Let me be blunt and honest on how to improve. Please do not feel attacked, I only have good intentions here, and I am NOT sugarcoding things. Brutally honest:

Are you showcasing your work? Do you have a portfolio? Is it available to view on Fiverr or anywhere else?
How do you know you have good talent? Any significant awards? Are you showcasing it?
I have checked your profile: Your introduction description lacks punctuation completely. Please check for grammar mistakes(there is plenty), it does matter, a lot.
Also the style of your English: Does not sound like genuine English. No one ever says “Good day for you” (Especially never tell a client “Sir”. Only super simple servant-workers say that, and everyone knows you cannot expect any good service from someone that calls you “Sir”)

So do something to stand out from the other 1000+ self proclaimed designers from the ******* region, if you are one of them, you’ll not get orders. Find the Top rated sellers in your category, and have a look what they do. Do NOT copy, but have a similar style in communicating.

Your RMST design logo: The edges are cropped(front of the bird missing, end of the T is missing), it does not fit Fiverr size guide. If you do this to your own logo, how would a client expect quality work from you?

I really liked you showcasing a pencil sketch on your gig . It suggest you do actual design work, not chose a logo from a clip-art library like 99% of ********** sellers. SHOWCASE IT ON A MAIN IMAGE! Really, SHOW the world you are really different, don’t just tell them you are!

Hope this helps a lot!

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Fogi, your reply help me lot.
Thank your advise. I will correct my mistakes.


Well don’t worry just do check your account daily and don’t forget to send requests to buyers daily and the best time is at midnight if you are in Asia


kakkar.,Thank your reply.