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Help me (why i am not getting any Orders.)

I do not know why i am not getting any Orders.

I was getting orders, but for couple of days i am not getting any order.

One of my friend asked me to contact fiverr support on this issue.

Some of my friends saying may the fiverr employees may stop the access or restrict to get order. I am very confused.

I see 4 gigs posts on your page now so you should be OK. Remember, one week you may have many orders and the next week none…that is the nature of freelance working. You seem to be off to a good start so just keep going!

Thank you for your message.

Thank you very much, I just see my Views in one of my gig is just drop to 16 k from 18 k views.

Is this possible. I use to see regularly my page views of each gig, it was consistent. Now just getting confused.

Also few people say that fiverr will stop our gigs from the employers view, may be the reason why i am not getting any order.

The reason you are not getting orders is because everyone has ups and downs.

You also can’t rely on Fiverr to promote your gigs. That is not their job. It’s yours.

What makes your gigs so special, out of a million other gigs?

I’m not being mean here, just trying to explain it to you. It is not up to Fiverr to sell your gig. It’s up to you.

You need to promote your own gig. If you won’t do it why would anyone else?

Family, Friends, Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail… these are all people you can promote your gig to.

So many times and posts on the forum that say: “Why is my gig not selling”. The answer is so simple. Your gig is your “Online Business”.

Fiverr is like the store you rent.

Fiverr, like your landlord if you owned rented a store is not responsible to sell your gigs. They are responsible for giving you a “Place to sell your gigs”.

You want to sell gigs? Sell them then. Promote them! Don’t rely on someone else to do your work.