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Help me with a better word than BOMBSHELL

I wanted to write press releases and stand out from the crowd because there are so many people selling them. I write press releases that are very hard-hitting. By that, I mean they have a headline that makes you say, “What?” and keep reading. Then I put two paragraphs of very strongly worded material, based on what the customer has provided me with, then the contact information. This is standard press release format.

Lately, however, I have been getting the most picky customers who read my press release, and then re-write it! Then, they leave me a low review. I am not sure where these people are coming from and what they are expecting, but I clearly state that my press releases are not for the faint of heart. They read that, they see my nearly perfect reviews, and then they flake out, chicken out, write their own press release, and blame me! Could these be people trying to put me out of business? Before I get paranoid, I wanted to check and see if anyone here has any suggestions for staying away from these types of customers?

Thank you.

TRY most shocking

I would try “Edgy”…as that is who you are wanting to write for, the ones willing to do that.

However, your gig is a little confusing when you start out saying:

For $5, you will receive a template file for a one-page Word document in Associated Press format that you can edit into your own press release. For $5 more, I will personally write the professional Press Release for you.

What do you mean “you can edit into your own press release” and for $5 more “you will write the release?”…your gig title says you will write a bombshell press release…

But if you were sailing along and got lots of orders and great clients and now somehow getting clients less desirable (remember too that as a new seller and level 1 seller that your gigs come up for searches for a different market, then once you are Level 2 and up, just a side note there)…but try the word Edgy in the title, and then put more about this aspect at the top of your gig right off the bat. Not buried below. Start at the top saying something along the lines of…I write press releases that get noticed, that are edgy, that make a reader stop and take notice. It’s not for the faint of heart, so if you wanting that level of creative something or other…hire me…that kind of thing.

Also, I am just curious, before coming here to Fiverr to write press releases, were you professionally in business as a freelancer writing press releases, or is this a new service you are evolving into?

I think you should upload a sample. It will be harder for a customer to be surprised by your work if they’ve already seen your writing style.

Might be a fun read! | Find Synonyms and Antonyms of Words at

You could just skip the poetic expressions and go for a literal description. Looking at your press release gig, you could say:

"I will send you a VERY AGGRESSIVE press release template."

No mystery there: use this template and you’ll attack your customers, chase them down like a lion, eat their money, etc.

Of course, the problem might not be in the title of your gig or whatever synonyms you’re looking for. The problem might be that people are expecting a ready-to-go press release when they order your gig, but are instead getting a template or some kind of skeleton framework that still requires them to do a lot of the work.

I think you should stop trying to be edgy. Ask your customers questions to feel out if they prefer a more traditional and professional PR, or if you can add your voice and brand of humor to the PR. If you’re only looking for a word to replace Bombshell in some sort of template that you are using. I would suggest Riveting

Reply to @sara1984: good idea…maybe even just a sample of some titles, maybe a collage all on one page or something.

Reply to @jamesbulls: Agressive, that’s a great word!

And I agree, there is some disconnection in the gig of what it is you are getting.

Reply to @hilounge: I agree, that is also another consideration, who your market is. Or rather who the market is on Fiverr buying press releases. A small business owner may or may not want to be agressive, but want something a little more tame. So sometimes you have to cater your services a little bit to the people coming into the store to buy. So it could be that changing one word is not going to fix the problem, but start there, and make a few tweaks to the gig description and see if that helps. If not, then you reevaluate again. Like any business owner, maybe Fiverr is or is not the best place to offer those agressive releases, but a more milder version if you are a good press release writer and want more business.

Aggressive, riveting, and the old feel them out first approach. I like it. All great, thoughtful responses. Thank you very much, everybody!