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Help me with a feature of Fiverr

Hello to all you,can you help me? Why if I try to add an extra gig,it doesn’t appear? But appear only the 3 packs? Thank.

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Honestly, I don’t think anyone here will be able to help you, simply because its hard to understand exactly what you mean.

I think you want to add a gig, but do not want to do the three pack gig. I have never had Fiverr make me use a three pack gig format. When I start a new gig, the three pack appears on the right side of the pricing page, as a choice you can make to create your gig. You do not have to do three packets. Just write in the column on the left you gig name and price and then save and go to the next page to write your gig description.

Also, I noticed punctuation, spelling, wording, and spacing errors in your profile write up. You may want a friend correct those for you.


Uhm ok maybe isn’t clear. I’ve done a gig with 3 different pack,and all is ok. I was trying to add also an extra gig (like the basic one to complete job more fast adding a little sum of money) a little different from the others,so a new one,but seems it doesn’t accept three gig pack and extra gig in the same Gig… Is possible eventually send images regarding what I’m trying to do?

I think you mean the “Extra fast Delivery”… right?

Yes, you can set that under pricing when setting up or editing your Gig.

Yeah,you know the section “My Extra Gig” right? Well there is option “Add Gig Extra”,where you can create a new Extra Gig,different from “Extra Fast Delivery” and “Additional Revision”…but seems for me doesn’t work. Sorry I’m new to this platform,I’ve read rules and basic tips,but some things aren’t clear for me…