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Help me with "available now" feature, please

I heard in this forum, what i need to be done five orders to open “available now” feature
Today i complited five orders but still dont have this feature
Maybe i need more complited orders, or wait next day after my five order complited?
I talk about this feature (its screen from other seller profile in this forum)

And my profile

Available Now is being tested so has not been offered to everyone.


So, i have enough compilted orders, and i just need wait when this feature finishing testing mode?

After latest five order complete then you can achieve this feature. maybe!

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You will just have to wait and see if you are offered it. If you type “available now” in the search bar above there are lots of posts on the subject which you may find helpful.


If you already meet the all requirements

You can clear the browser history and cache.
I hope you will find the option. :slight_smile:

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Stupid qiestion, but, so i need six complite orders, not five? “more that 5 orders complite” thats mean 6 orders need to complited?

If you complete five order you are eligible for using this service.
You can read this article to know more about this

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  1. Less than 5 active orders.
  2. More than 5 orders completed
  3. Low cancellation rate

Then you can achieve available Now button.