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HELP me with first customer please! I am an SEO blog writer!


Hi everyone, my name is Mark Daniel.

I just decided to quit my SEO job and become a freelancer! Sounds terrific, isn’t it? :smile:

In order to explore more about Fiverr marketplace, I decided to create just one gig by now and see how it goes! I always thought that it might be a nice idea to start with offering blog writing. Get few sales done and created more SEO related gigs afterward. But anyway, I am really curious about how other freelancers attract first customers in this field? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I would appreciate if you can share your experience and help me to get first sales done!

By the way, my first gig is about writing 500 words for 5$, keyword research, competitor content analysis… And all this with the focus on reader engagement!

I also offer first 10 customers +100 words for free! Support me, and I will provide you with valuable articles!

Have a lovely day!
Mark Daniel Zalomajev


I think it would be better for your sales you to make more gigs right now.


What type of seo do you do? I’m interested! Please send me a message!


Thank you! Will try to make more gigs, hope it will help!


I am very good at keyword research, content creation and backlinking (only organic backlinks from authority websites)! Also, I have experience in web analytics and competitor research, creating strategies to overcome competitor rankings!

Basically all types of SEO, except technical part of site architecture and loading speed optimization.

Right now, I am researching on how should I construct my Gigs and how much should I charge for the SEO service I can provide!


Hi, I was always interested to listen to an SEO guy on how to attract more visitors/buyers to my fiverr page, but it sounds like you are struggling with this. Is it so hard to understand the Fiverr algorythm?


Yes, yes it is! :rofl:

If you need to know more info about the Fiverr algorithm, just do a forum search for ‘algorithm’. If you can figure it out, the rest of us would love to know. Thanks in advance! :sunny:

To @danielzalomajev - you could always start an off-Fiverr blog to demonstrate your writing and promote your gig at the same time?


Create more gigs than 1 to show to your potential buyers that you are a SEO specialist!.
Create very specific SEO gigs.


Your gig looks really good! I would recommend to make more than 1 :slight_smile:


I am trying to understand the algorithm of Fiverr for the second day only!

And at the moment I could say that Fiverr’s internal search engine value mostly good reviews and number of visits to your Gig!

Therefore, I am just trying to get my first reviews and break this barrier for now.


Haha :smile: It really is like that, for me, it looks like Fiverr’s search engine works randomly! :smile:

It is a good suggestion, I am actually opening my freelance website soon, where I will post articles and have a portfolio!

Hope it will help to attract more buyers!


Thank you for a suggestion! Very specific gigs on different topics might be a very good idea!


Thanks, I appreciate that! :slight_smile:

Will try to offer more services from this day!


I would love to support you! I admire you for branching out on your own to follow dream. I did the same exact thing three years ago and today I have a huge business and I’m very proud of. We are long for help boosting our SEO as well as someone who is skilled, knowledgeable, and talented at writing effective social media posts. I’d love to speak to you!


Thank you for your reply!

I also have an experience in writing engaging social media content!

I wrote you a DM!


I’m a newbie so don’t make fun but what is a DM?


Sorry, I mean that I wrote you a direct message!



Create more gigs than 1 to show to your potential buyers that you are an SEO specialist!.
Create very specific SEO gigs. Your gig title must be on SEM, Blog writing, Of page marketing on
page marketing.


I like the way you are talking. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Good luck