Help me with my gig please


I hope some of you can help me improve my gig. It is not selling so I would appreciate if someone gave me feedback on whats wrong. I have been following all the articles for new sellers but I still cant get any sellers. Help please.


First of all, welcome to Fiverr.

This is an amateur’s opinion and I have no knowledge about video editing etc, but
I get the feeling your video did look rather “grainy” with the orange-ish color throughout the whole thing, and that might make it hard to compete against other sellers who might have better quality cameras??
The fact that you are a very young guy might be another factor, but
that shouldn’t stop people from ordering your gigs (I’ve seen young sellers being successful here).

Try asking someone to edit your gig description in a more professional manner, maybe tweak your video just a bit more, and use a more interesting image that shows your skills for the sample image rather than just slapping on a camera icon.

One more thing…you look charming in your video, but I’m not so sure about the “flashing eye” look for your avatar. It looks a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit creepy (sorry), maybe you can change that too???


Oh thanks for feedback! I think the main reason why the video looks orange is because it was filmed at night time with artificial light. Its not the camera problem (i think) because I use a Nikon DSLR. I will try doing everything you said but I am not gonna change my avatar because there is way more creepier people on this platform and I think mine avatar is not even close to being creepy as those people. Again thanks for feedback.


Here’s the thing lazarocks, it doesn’t matter what you think, it only matters what your potential customer thinks. Zeuss 777 took the time and looked at your gig through the eyes of a potential customer, they told you your avatar looks creepy. If zeuss noticed it so will other people, that’s feedback you might want to take notice of. Saying you are going to keep it because other peoples avatars are creepier than yours doesn’t make it right, it just shows naivety on your part.


You cant just assume that people will think its weird. Yeah people might find it weird, but the main thing here (from my perspective) is not to have a pretty avatar and rather have a good description and previews as Zeus said :thinking: its my personal taste. that is like saying i should not wear a green t-shirt because you and your friend do not like the green one and like a red one instead


I agree with both @zeus777 and @indybutts .

Buyers are looking for a professional service and your profile image and the sentence “Just a boy that likes computers” beneath your profile image do not come across as very professional and will put many buyers off.
Suggest you have a look at other sellers in your category to get some ideas but do not copy anyone.

Please do not be offended by any of this as you have talent and nothing would please me more than to see your post announcing your first sale.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh thanks! I will try to change things. I just did not like kind of response that indybutts gave me it was kinda sharp . in all honesty I do not know any professional sellers on fiverr. My parents introduced me here and it is pretty weird as i do not get how most of the stuff works. Still i will fix my avatar so yeah thanks for a kind response.


Check out: for how to get off to a great start on Fiverr.

Also: for how to get orders.

It takes time. Stick with it …. and who knows? :slightly_smiling_face:


Judging from how young you are, I can completely understand that it came across as sharp, but that’s something what older/experienced people will call “constructive criticism.”
True, it’s not always a pleasant thing when people criticize your work, but believe me,
in my opinion he was sounding nice and helpful.

Look at it this way; you are getting a head start on how things are in the real professional world. People can be veeeeeeery BRUTAL and MEAN, and sadly that’s something you’ll need to get used to eventually. You might end up getting many orders, you will learn about business and professionalism, and also learn how to deal with … well, unpleasant people.
And trust me, you’ll be going through that a LOT when you start working! :wink:

If you get successful with Fiverr, by the time you graduate college you might be
very tough and experienced.


Okay. But can someone at least tell me how should my account and gig description be then? You know, to look “professional”. :thinking:


Try and think of your gig as a shop window to the world. Everyone and I mean everyone will judge everything you have on there. If it doesn’t look professional, they will go somewhere else as there is so much choice on Fiverr. Consider doing your video over again. The content is fine but you are definitely saying something in there that is going to hurt you. If I remember correctly you said please forgive the cringe worthy video. Think of it this way, if your video is an example of your best work which you yourself think is cringe worthy, then you have inadvertently told your customer you don’t have faith in your own work.I understand that’s not what you meant, but don’t assume people know what you mean.They will move on and look somewhere else. Harsh as it may seem the buyer is the one with the power and they will use it accordingly. I think it was Zeus that said your video looked a bit grainy and orange. You cant afford to have it looking anything but professional. Have a look around on Fiverr at other gigs of a similar nature, and you will get an idea of what you are up against. Resolve to make yours better than theirs. I think that’s enough to be getting on with. Come back again when you have it done and I will gladly have a look at it for you.


I changed my gig description and my account picture and account description. Currently I cant change the video as I do not have my camera. Well I guess you can check the description but that is basically it.


If you don’t get sell in your gig, that’s mean your gig don’t rank in search result. If your gig ranked at search in front page, then you must get sales.


I think your description is excellent. Your profile picture now has a personal touch which is also excellent. One thing you might want to consider altering is this Why miss out on this incredibly cheap and professional video editing service? Check it out Consider removing “incredibly cheap” human beings are strange animals when we see incredibly cheap we are inclined to translate that into “not very good” it’s only a small point but one worth considering.


Yeah that is pretty sad honestly I will change it. I notice that people associate “cheap” with bad and “expensive” as overpriced.