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Help me with my gig

Please help me to get sales again. My sales dropped without any reason from last 4-5 days.

Anyone ?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with your gigs. I read one of your gig descriptions and think it is fantastic. My sales are slow too and I have read other posts on the forum in which sellers have been concerned about their sales dropping. Might be just a slow month plus the competition is growing on a daily basis as well. Not sure if you have listened to the newest podcast in which Adam has mentioned how he added a new video to his logo gig and his sales spiked from 40 orders to 170 orders the following days. That might be something you would want to consider adding. Good luck!

Thanks. I have already added video to all my gigs. Should i upload a new one ?

I have the same problem here. I was getting sales regularly, but the last 5 days it was a nightmare. Not sales, no messages, Just quiet…

And the impressions etc are high, I’m getting lots of views but no orders…

I would experiment a little with one of your gigs and see if another video would work better, maybe add background music without lyrics? I love your gig description though. But as I said a lot of sellers have been complaining about sales being down, and there are so many talented logo designers on Fiverr I can imagine it’s just difficult to get sales in general. Did you watch Adams video, he really put a personal spin on it and has currently over 140 sales in his queue. You can find great info in the recent podcast. Best of luck!

me too =)) 1 to 10/10 i got until now 5 sales, total money is ~ 200$

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

My impressions are going down.

I’m getting lots of views but no orders…

Only possible suggestion I can come up with is maybe use more characters in your gig titles. I personally like how yours are concise and to the point but if there’s any additional keywords you could include it may help. I would do an experiment and see if it increases sales and traffic.

Overall I think many people spend too much time trying to figure out search algorithms and should just spend more time promoting their gig or product. I see the same thing across other platforms as well.