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Help me with my Gig's link

Hi everyone!
Could you tell me how to change the link and make it the same as the new Gig title?

Now the link is:

But the Gig’s title is:
“I will translate from english to italian and vice versa”

I would like the link at the top to be:

How can I do it?

Thanks in advance!


The gig URL can’t be changed.


Is it a problem for SEO?

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It is explained here:

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Basically Fiverr Add permanent URL of your first Title of gig. Then if you also change your keyword your fiverr may not show on your new keyword. For Example, You add this title " I will do logo animation"
fiverr url will be “do-logo-animation” and then if you edit your gig and change title and write " I will do logo design. Your fiverr link anyways “do-logo-animation”. It will never be changed. You have to create a new gig.

And if I already have reviews on that gig?

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@giusepperamugli what you do with those gigs who did not show in fiverr search.I hope you got my point.

If I delete the gig, will I also lose the review? Or is the review linked to my profile?

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@giusepperamugli Don’t your reviews will never drop or remove.

@giusepperamugli I believe you should not be worried about the URL. It’s good if it’s aligned with your gig title but otherwise don’t worry.

Let me explain why

Your SEO title URL is important for google SEO/ranking, but believe me, no buyer will search you from google.

Buyers will always find you/your service/gig from Fiverr search. So the important factor here is how Fiverr ranks your gig, following are some useful tips for that:

  • Make your gig a specialized/specific service not a general one
  • Choose the right keywords that represent your service (how to: Open fiver as buyer search for a keyword that you think can represent your service, Fiverr will show some suggestions, those suggestions could be the better keywords for your gig)
  • Use the selected keywords in your git title/description and pricing description (but don’t overuse them)
  • In order to improve your gig impressions, try to be online more often, that’s a great opportunity for new sellers to land their gigs on top of others (when a buyer searches with the online filter)

You can’t change your gig link