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Help me with my gigs, Please, Please


I am not so good in english language. I hope you help me with my gigs.
Maybe change my Nicolas Cage in photo? Or change profile description? Maybe start with (Hello, my name is Alex) ? I dont know. Or delete this (Crazy cat) stats?


I can help you for $5…:slight_smile:


Dear Patrik:

I provided you some good information in this link:

so I won’t repost the info here.

Your profile text - note the edits:

Photoshop Expert, Video Editor, Drawing - normal level. Create banners, simple animation. I work with many media programs, including many different styles of photo editing. -Patrik [Or Whatever You Want Buyers to Call You]

Good luck,


Best of luck, new guy. Please allow me to be cruel to be kind:

Yes, the crazy cat thing makes no sense. The typos on your descriptions and your profile are a distraction, and are inexcusable given the number of translators available to you here for five dollars. The titles on your gigs are confusing, and your picture makes me think that if there was ever a dispute about the quality of your work, you would turn mean. It is not supposed to be a modeling pose, but the friendly face with which you greet customers to your online store. You would not greet a live customer that way.

I would suggest that you hire someone to write you a short script, memorize it, and record a video of you speaking to the camera.

Try more gigs to see if you can find an uncrowded niche.

Good luck in the Fiverr circus. :slight_smile:


i deleted crazy cat long time ago and some bad gigs. Now i have 3 gigs with normal title and description. Maybe you somehow look at old profile information…Dont know.
i already have 2 reviews on my gigs and today im add video on one of my gigs for more views (i guess video helps)
i have “best seller” on one of my gigs (dont know what its means coz i have just one order in this gig)
But thanks for help :slight_smile:


Hello again! Can you look at my profile and gig (one gig about background removing) please? i changet it a lot

Its gig, i dont know, i need video or better delete it
all correct in description? I mean language and other stuff


You know, Fiverr doesn’t allow Gig exchange . So avoid it. Lol :slight_smile:


Patrik, if that’s your artwork, you’ll be in good shape in Fiverr. Of course, it has nothing to do with your gig anymore. The video itself doesn’t make sense.

I think you’re best move would be to send your pictures (they need to be yours; if you can’t produce client work that is similar to your samples, you won’t last long) to someone who can build you a great profile, gig description and gig video. I’m sure there are people on Fiverr who you can hire to do that. (I don’t know if Blaisefaint would do it; he certainly won’t do it for free.) There are simply too many errors on your current setup to detail here.

You might want to abandon the video altogether and just put up your amazing artwork.

Showing the pictures that you turned into your artwork would help establish authenticity. Sort of a before-and-after thing.

You’ve got some serious effort ahead of you before you start seeing orders popping up, but don’t give up. :slight_smile:



Tx for advice. In fiverr i need only background removal work. I just watch top gig in main page, similar my gig, and check description. Almost all similar. i dont know whats wrong. Maybe need description shorter. And yes, its my artwork, but this type of artwork hard and i dont wanna change it in job type. Its just hobby.
I need only simple photoshop work, only like background removal. And i think its simple to do description for gig in this type of work. I just need check it is right. Maybe description under packages window its too big. Dont know.


Hey @wpspecialist24! Howdy?

Not doing it at all. Just offering a service to optimize our friend’s page and gigs.

My best regards and great sales,


I understood now. Thanks


Your poster sucks. Really, man! I can create a powerfull creative poster for your GIG. It will increasely boost your sales because of eye catching and high quality as well as colorfull and friendly) Take a look at my gigs and let me know if you would like it! :tophat: Recruitingeek on Fiverr Peace


I no need a poster, I have good and simple one, sorry, but your posters not so good. Tx


Hey Patrik,

there are around 7400 gigs which already do that. You might want to rethink your strategy.