Help me with my One GIG


I created Gig maybe two months ago. I have one order.
But now i changed description on more better and add video. Tell me, please, i need this video or better delete it? i think video distract. But i read about gigs and its tell - video helps for views.
And tell me, please, all right in my gig and profile? I dont know what i must change


Bro, i have seen your gig, there have too much short description. You should add at least 1000 words on gig description. Also please use appropriate tags. :slight_smile:


tx, you mean description on package window too big?I want that the customer completely understood that I offer and has passed nothing


I mean update gig description, check the gig


I would advise you to have more gigs. Try and pick something a little different than everyone else though I know it’s hard. At least make some unique images for your gig that will catch people’s eye.

Because there are a lot of people in your category doing what you do, you should make your description not only what you do, but how well you do it. Tell people what you do that’s different and better than everyone else.

In terms of video there are mixed views as to whether it works or not. Some people love them, some people hate them. You have to form your own view so if you think the video is distracting, don’t use it.