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Help Me With My Video Sample Please


I am having an order right now I have done quite a number of revision for this particular buyer who says that he finds that my video doesnt sync with the voice. Can someone please watch and let me know? On the other hand I made two other videos on the same day I did this and both buyers left me positive feedback a few hours ago. I don’t see the technical difficulties on my end.

Please advice


leave your feedback here if you managed to watch


I watched and the sync looked fine to me and I make movies and TV in Hollywood for a living. All I can think is shift the audio 4 frames forward and 4 frames backwards and see if either of those versions helps make it better for them. I suspect this could be due to their video playback card/software that can’t keep up with high quality video so it starts skipping frames.



I noticed low voice in the video. I guess it could be on your end if the voice is that low. You may want to check the MIC equipment that you are using for voice quality. Just saying.


There’s been a few times where a buyer has told me that the syncing was off.

What I normally do is tell them that I will upload to the video to Youtube. If there’s no syncing problem there, it’s most likely a technical issue on their end.

Each time, they switched to another computer to view it and it was fine. To this day, I have no idea what technical problem they had but the order was resolved. =]


Reply to @anigrams: Thank you so much for the valuable feedback! I appreciate that!


Reply to @rinchan86: that is what I was thinking about exactly!! I actually deleted the whole software and re-installed it so the issue was not there at my end!


Reply to @ryuken: I don’t think so the buyer mentioned about this and in fact when you say ‘‘the voice is that low’’ I’m not sure how low it is.


Reply to @bachas85: Ouch, I don’t know what causes this issue! May be this is why the buyer is having problem! I did not shoot separately actually. It is from the same source. In fact I deleted the whole software and re-installed it on my computer which is why I find it working well on my end. Could this be due to the sample on fiverr itself. I think I should ask the buyer to download the video and watch or better still I will upload on youtube so that he can watch like what rinchan said?

Technical difficulties is not a reason for a rejection if I can prove it is working fine right?


Reply to @kjblynx: could you let me know in case you have watched it?


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for your feedback but apparently the buyer has uploaded the video to youtube himself and sent me the link and he still is claiming that is not working. It is just ten dollar and not worth of the effort I put if I were to do mutual cancellation when it is not my fault entirely.


Reply to @kjblynx: Bachas85 have watched the video on youtube and she says that is fine! I just sent her a message on Fiverr!


Reply to @kjblynx: I have uploaded on my dropbox and the buyer still says he is facing issues and saying he sent the video to some others and they all say it doesnt sync.

His initial claim was the video went out of sync at 0.24 sec when I said the word (maxed out).


I sent CS a report and meanwhile it will be helpful if you could let me know what appears at your end !


I think its more of an illusion that makes it look a bit out of sync. You move your mouth/lips alot, which isn’t a bad thing. You move your mouth so well while you talk it wouldn’t be hard to mute the video and lip read what your saying lol… Hope you get it worked out…


Reply to @phobia2381: Thank so much and yes I told him that much earlier that he might be hallucinating! Fiverr support was bad too. they said it was bad when they watched on YT, on this sample and the audio is bad etc etc… pretty hopeless! I accepted his mutual cancellation because I needed to sleep!


Sounds and looks good to me. Were you recording from a laptop cam? Sometimes when there is low light in the room, laptop web cameras tend to slow down. I experienced it couple of times on various machines. As an advice maybe try doing recording close to a window where there is more light.



Reply to @candypie: thanks for the feedback and advice. What amuses me is that I did this video together with three other orders at the same time and all of them closed the order and left a positive review.