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Help me with the first order, please!

Hi everyone. I just migrated from another platform and posted my first gig. Could you help me to find the first buyer?
Here’s the gig:



Hello Askant! Since you have created a gig, use the ‘buyers requests’ section wisely and with time, you’ll meet buyers that will look your way! Success.

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Thanks. Will check that frequently. How much time does it take to find the first customer here?

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That’s very relative, Askant. In the end, it’s the amount of work you put in and a stroke of luck, I guess. Haha.

As always, when you start something :slight_smile:
Thanks, a lot!

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I wish you the best here!

Be patience!! Sure you will get success:innocent:

Really friendly community for a while :smiley:

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Hi, Use the Buyer Requests section wisely. Hope you get your first order very soon.

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