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Help me with this error

Hey guys, i’m new here.
I tried couple of times to upload a video explaining my gig, but in all attempts, the video got stretched. I tried different sizes, but apparently any of them work properly.

I think this could be an error from my browser, but i’m afraid clients will see it stretched also.

Here’s an example

Thank you!

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You have to choose thumbnail image for your gig video.Then the choosen thumbnail image show on gig.
You have to edit your gig and select a thumbnail image for your video.

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Right bru thx!
I have actually set a thumbnail, but the video turns into the gig cover. And i really wanted to a picture to cover it. I’ll try it again.

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Then you have to put a full frame image (you wanted to cover) into the gig video. Then upload the video & select the image as a Thumbnail.