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Help ME


I had hired someone to get me facebook likes… And his comments stated that the facebook likes are real… But it was not… I lost all my likes and my money in less than two days… What a scam… is there anyway I can get my money back? and if so, how can I… The user deleted his account so I can’t contact him!! HELP ME


You bought fake likes for Facebook to scam the system and in the process you received likes that were a scam/fake. You got EXACTLY what you paid for. Why do you think you should get your money back?


Reply to @kjblynx: thanks for your help!


Reply to @kjblynx: You’re too nice to people like that who, even if he doesn’t know he’s breaking any rules, KNOWS he’s annoying the heck out of everyone~!

sigh You’re a better person than I!


You should never buy GIGs where it says they will get you a million likes on fb, or followers on twitter. Most of the likes or followers are bots and dont account to anything.