Help me!


If the order marked as completed automatic after 3 days and the buyer back give me a negative feedback ? :frowning:


go to customer support and get support ticket regarding negative feedback if you feel it is incorrect.


Yes buyer can add a negative when he back. But you earn $5 anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


This is one of those nice areas where you can help yourself. Reach out to the buyer, discover his/her concern, offer to work it out to remove the negative.


You may need help from CS to allow him/her to change the feedback if it’s been there for a while, but everything else is in your power!


Reply to @cybercube: No, the feedback important more than $5 :frowning:


@plusvn Only buyer can remove the negative feedback.


well the best way is to contact buyer again and solve the problems, and if necessary deliver the work again because feedback is more important as it will get you more jobs


If it is marked as auto complete the buyer hasn’t manually reviewed the work at all meaning they can leave positive or negative feedback at any time, I recently had feedback left for an order marked as auto complete in February 2012. The buyer can edit his feedback within a day or 2 of the original feedback but after that you will need to work with the buyer and satisfy them accordingly and then get their consent to remove it and contact fiverr support.


Yes, you are right. Buyer can even cancel the order as well but nowadays, i am giving an additional service to all my buyers so that i can achieve maximum positive feedback and getting good response too. I think over-delivering always works, what you say?


Reply to @plusvn: Ask him to remove it :slight_smile: Tell that he get his 45 back