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Help me!

Hi, I’m new around here, and I want to know how does Fiverr works. I’m a musician, and I want to make contact with people or a company that may need to find musicians for their project, something like jingles, or sophisticated compositions for commercials, etc.

Create a gig and add it to category, if any one need musicians they will come to that category and will contact you. But you should wait for them to contact you.

Hi i have seen that you have made no gigs
so make some gigs which you want to sell and then buyer will follow you
You can take help from academy section which comes under community section

Reply to @rajat11: Good job offering a legitimate and helpful piece of advice. I see you ask lots of questions and it’s always great to give back to the community by helping others.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks , yeah because sharing is caring

Reply to @rajat11: I’m really not sure if you are being sarcastic or nice with that quote, but I meant it when I said that was great of you to help someone. Good luck.