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Help me


Help me… How can I improve selling?

In last 2 months I just sell 8 gigs.

Please help me…


Hi @einsteinnewton!

The first thing I saw on your gigs is that you do not have video. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a video on your gig! It will boost you search presence and help engage your potential clients with more interactive content.

The second thing is your gig descriptions are very short. More information is better! Be sure to include alternative uses for each of your gig within the description itself. I believe the use of key words within the description will also help your get receive better positioning in the searches.

The last thing I would recommend is adding more to your gig tags/keywords. I see you only have 3 or 4 on each gig. I would load that section up with as many relavent tags and keywords as you can! This is critical to gaining more visibility with the pages!

With longer descriptions, videos and keywords, we have received over 70 orders and reached level two status within our first 2 months here in a highly competative audio segment! We have not done any promotion or advertising outside of fiverr and I credit much of success to being easy to find due to the 3 points above.

Best of luck!




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I like your name… Einsteinnewton

Just work on your gigs…

Do some research in fiverr…

You will get your spot…

Good luck…