Help me


Help me to get my first order. Hey i am newbie and have done everything like good tags,description but still my gig not appear on search results. I have read all tips and tricks. Any help please. this is my gig


I have three suggestions for you. One is to make at least two or three gigs instead of just one. Don’t make exactly duplicates, but if you have other skills get a couple of them out there too! Most people have hobbies and things that will make good gigs even if they only have one strong professional skill. There are also some great ways to put a different twist on a gig. If you want to stay in the same general category, do that but find a way to make each one a little unique. You have more chances to catch fish with different kinds of bait. If a gig doesn’t sell, you can always delete it later.

Second, I would try to pick something for another gig that doesn’t require the use of the word Amazon. Amazon is a hot button now and even if your gig is totally legitimate and has no issues, it might not show up in search consistently just because of the keyword. 3rd party site names or terms can be a problem on occasion, so maybe have other gigs written generically or that don’t apply to only certain sites.

Third - adding gig videos might not help, but it can’t really hurt you. It can drive your gig up in search which doesn’t necessarily mean it will sell, but it might keep you more visible. If you aren’t good at video, you can do a freebie whiteboard explainer video with a little practice or use a slideshow. You can also hire some good people. Since you are new, I wouldn’t spend money on a pricey or fancy video or a spokesman that comes off too fake. You can get a simple and short explainer video for under $15-20.