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Help messages...Frustrating

Hello everyone,
From last few days i am getting messages from different people in my fiverr account
Like these; Please can you guide me i am new to fiverr…Can you check my gig and give me suggestions?..How much are you earning on fiverr and is there any advantage to join fiverr?
What should i do now first i ignored it but i am getting continuous messages???
It is too frustrating… :expressionless: :expressionless:
I have a question if i block them then can it be problem with me ? my response time and other things can affected if i ignored them??
Seniors please guide me what should i do now ?


You can mark them as spam, report them, and then block them with no effect. But first leave a short response such as, No, thank you, or even a (.) so your response time is not affected.


Thanks for your advise…I will follow that…I was in a lot of tention

@iqrasaeed1 do exactly. its will help you to maintain your Response time

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A short response is necessary because it will effect your response time. As one time the buyer refuse my offer but i didn’t reply back and my response time drop from 100%.
All these kinda of messages are spam, you can also check by clicking on profile of that person. Most of the time a crown is visible next to profile picture that shows he/she is verified buyer or active projects/user on fiverr. Becareful not to share any information as mostly when you apply for project the buyer ask for skyvpe or email address to come there and chat with them.

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Yeah ok thanks for your advice

No offense but why are you being targeted for advice? Your account is 30 days old and you have very few orders underneath your belt.

Why do you think people are messaging you?

If you answer that question then you can figure out how to counter it.

As for replying: you need to reply just once and then block them.

At the very first day within an hour i got an message like please see my gig and gave me suggestions…I simply ignored it but from last few days i got continuously these types of messages…

Where are the sellers contacting you located?

From Pakistan, palestine, Bangladesh