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Help, misunderstood order with a client

Hi everyone,

Today, a client messaged me asking for a service, uploading video content to his website, exactly 400 videos, 1 hour or more each. For 75$ in one day only.

The thing is I didn’t quite understand it first, I thought he was meaning 1 hour or video content for the whole order.

I sent him a custom offer describing so, and he accepted it. Now he just put emphasis on the 400 one hour videos, and I told him there was a misunderstanding, he said that he was clear about it.

I’m waiting for his response about what should we do.
Should I head for the resolution center and ask for cancelling the order!
I need your help!

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“Each” means actually “each video”, otherwise he would have said “overall” or “in total”. I would cancel.


Cancel. Don’t exploit yourself.


Yeah that’s what I thought @pacquo
I already submitted a cancellation request, the client didn’t agree yet.
The clock is still ticking, I think my completion rate and on time delivery both gonna be effected.
My bad, should’ve been more careful ::frowning_face:


That’s exactly what I’ve done @humanissocial.
the thing is, I’m a little bit worried about my ranking.


Not entirely your bad. You can blame your buyer as well, it is simple math. If he/she wanted it within 1 day, you both should’ve known that ONE single day is just 24 hours. Not 400 or more.
Unless you upload 17+ video contents simultaneously at the same time.


well, I think he was clear about it. You can cancel if you want however


Exactly @ammarshrf, it’s mission impossible.
Without mentioning the cost of course.

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That’s what botherd me the most @brenna_n.
How come I didn’t pay attention to that.
Besides, 75$, is he serious?!

You need to tell customer support that your buyer wants you to do something that is impossible for anyone to do. Maybe they will cancel it for you. I’m not sure why anyone would expect 400 videos to be uploaded in one day.

Where are they going to be uploaded from? How would you access them?


I requested an order cancellation @misscrystal,
The buyer should accept it in under 2 days, otherwise it will be cancelled automatically.