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Help - my buyer is trying to claim a refund after the product is sent

I was given a logo by a buyer and he wanted me to improve the resolution and add it to a PDF with his badges on it.

I spent hours working on the logo and when I submitted it to him in the PDF he tried to claim a refund 3 times for the quality of the logo not being good enough.

However all the other logos were very pixelated and of a much lower resolution to my logo.

He is now saying that he’s not satisfied and since he’s my second customer - if he gives me a bad review this could significantly harm my opportunities for the future on fiverr.

I don’t want to give him a refund as it is quite clear that he will take his money back and keep the product that I’ve sent him (and spent hours of my time on).

What do I do in this situation?

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Well, accept cancelation, otherwise you will receive bad review which will hurt you much more. :wink: Next time, send files with watermark for preview and only send final product via order delivery so he can’t get files, before he complete the order as finished. :wink:


I did send the final product via order delivery. He asked for a refund after I delivered the final product because he was dissatisfied.

Well, your post sounds as if you are aware of the options and you know that you don´t want to, but that a bad review could harm your opportunities here, you need to decide that for yourself.

I just wanted to add this, in case you don´t know:
If your review rating falls under a certain percentage (could be 90%, not sure, others may know exactly, either way it´s pretty high), you won´t be able to send offers to Buyer Requests, until you are above that threshold again, a bad review can get you there quickly when you haven´t that many yet.

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Doesn’t fiverr have safeguards against this kind of abuse of the system? Otherwise anyone can just claim refunds and threaten bad reviews if the person doesn’t accept.

If you´re sure you´re right and the buyer is wrong or they even threatened you (you didn´t say he did in your OP), you can always try to make Customer Support see your point and hope that they´ll agree to delete the bad review for you in case you get one, results of people with that seem to be mixed, look through or search the forum if you want to know more, you´re hardly the first one it happens to.

Wherever people deal with people, usually things go well, sometimes not. And the latter cases we often see on the forum, both from sellers’ and buyers’ side, of course, people often need to vent about or ask for help with trouble stuff, but rarely come to tell about everything going well, which would fill up the forum pretty quickly with posts about how the 2 orders yesterday and the 5 today went all well, it would be boring for everyone else to read, and everyone knows it. :wink:

The buyer hasn’t threatened me (at least not directly) but they did admit that the other logos on their page were more blurry and pixelated than the logo I provided (which was a high resolution logo).

:confused: I’m sorry to tell you this, but my advice to you is suck it up and accept cancellation or he will eventually give you bad review (which he has every right to do, :wink: he’s not threatening you if I understood right, he’s just saying he’s not satisfied and customer support will agree with you, that he can’t cancel the order based on delivered quality, but he can rate you according to his satisfaction). I don’t know how many reviews do you have, but if you are pretty new seller, 1 review can destroy your career here. :wink: If your rating goes under 80% you can’t send “buyer requests” offers anymore and also of course you gig will be seen less and less. :wink: So you can decide what you want to be: hero, who will fight the bad guys and most probably lose chances to succeed or suck it up, let him go and work on other orders with good buyers and have a successful career. :wink: Sorry, but that’s the truth. :wink:

If I offer cancellation can he still review?

I haven’t had a cancellation in a very long time (over a year ago, I think) but back then they asked for private feedback.

  1. Communication (1 to 5 stars)
  2. Will you buy again (1 to 5 stars)
  3. Reason for cancellation (List of 4 or 5 choices)

I suppose if the buyer chooses 5 stars and say it was his fault, there is no effect on you. If he chooses 1 star, say it’s your fault, there may or may not be any effect.

I’m not a seller, so don’t know what happens at your end.

I think the problems sorted. I gave him 3 free revisions and I spent the whole day fixing things and he is now satisfied with the work.

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Well in the end I asked the buyer how he would rate the experience out of 5 and he said 4. After the order was marked completed he gave me 3 stars and so now I’m rated 4/5 which is below the limit for buyer requests (which is 4.5/5) so now I’m stuck with 2 reviews.

I think a key thing here is that the issue was fixed with 3 revisions.
This changes things a bit as in the beginning, it sounded like it was a scamming buyer. Turns out that the product wasn’t as good as what they wanted. I dont know the case, the files etc so I am not judging as such but the question of why you delivered something when you could have done better is in my head.

:confused: well, as I said, now you got it. :wink: You’re stuck without option to send offers to buyer requests…
At first I also understood that we’re talking about scamming buyer, but it seems he is legit buyer, who was simply not satisfied with what he received. :wink:

contact with customer support and send them screenshot of chat where buyer says he is happy/satisfied with your work and will rate your work 4/5 and tell them (customer support ) that at the end buyer gave you 3 star rating.

The original thing I sent him was fine (and I thought it was the best) but he constantly requested modifications, claiming he wasn’t satisfied when I gave him exactly what he asked me to do on the first occasion.

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I’m not sure that he was a legit buyer. He’s reasoning for not being satisfied didn’t make any sense. First h said the resolution wasn’t too low, then I showed him that it was an incredibly high resolution and was higher than the PDF he sent me. Then he accepted that mine was a good resolution and started to criticise the size of the logo so I ended up sending him 10 different PDF files with different sized logos. He was eventually satisfied and said that he didn’t need anymore revisions.

Then after I delivered the work he wanted, he told me that the experience was good and that he would rate me 4 stars but when the order went through he only gave me 3 for a reason I don’t know.

Unfortunately as a new seller, it can take a lot more effort to earn your first stars. When I began, I did a lot more for the same money - this is the reason a lot of people specifically choose new sellers - low price, more work.
As time goes by you will be able to insist on people accepting what you have delivered or paying for a revision if they want something different to what was specified. When you have over 50-70 reviews, each individual review counts less and so a bad one now and then won’t actually affect you. Until then, essentially, you need to really do what it takes when a buyer is asking for changes.
Consider your first 50 orders as a Fiverr “apprenticeship” or “internship” where you don’t get paid enough for what you actually do but it is building towards a time when you can.


The best response so far. Thanks a lot

Yea, in my opinion this buyer is just very demanding client, but legit one, because if he was trying to scam you and get money back, he wouldn’t accept files at all, but yea, there are some buyers who want to get $100 work for $5. After he accepted delivery he had to give stars in 3 categories, so he may given you 4 stars for product, but he probably have you less stars for communication and category of if he would order again. :wink: