Help my cute newborn puppies by purchasing a gig!


Hi Guys,

Me and My GF have this new gig going on to help cover the costs of an expensive surgery we just had. Our dog mommy was having babies but things got complicated and almost lost 4 puppies. Thankfully all of our six puppies and mother was saved! However the cost of the surgery is super expensive :frowning: So We are offering custom notes with our puppies in our pictures. We are not expecting to recoup all the costs of surgery but any type of purchase will surely help us and help our puppies find homes. I hope some of the fiver users will find heart and help us! Thank you

My other fiver gigs are about music but this one is different and about a good cause :slight_smile:

Thank You!

Johnny & Tamara <3


Looks like an interesting gig.


Thank You :slight_smile: