HELP! My first payment and already having problems!


Well I just registered to Fiverr and placed an order on a gig after confirming with the buyer. After I submitted the payment, a page came up with the following message: We’re working on it. We’ll email you once your order is ready.

Later I figured that the payment needed to be confirmed from the bank so I made it happen.

Now it’s about twelve hours passed and nothing is happening. I even tried to report an issue but they need “Order Number” which I don’t have because it is not recorded.

I was wondering if anybody experienced the same issue and what situation I’m exactly in right now.

Would really appreciate your help.

Needless to say the buyer is actually waiting for me to finalize the purchase.


Hi, did you send a ticket to Customer Support at all, or did you stop at the point where the form asks for the Order Number?

If the latter, when you have a problem and can´t find the right thing from the dropdown menus, you could pick ‘Feature Support’ and then ‘Other Selling Features’, so you´re able to send a ticket at all.


Thank you very much Miiila, well I’ve stopped at that point since 5 minutes ago :slight_smile: Then I realized I may not get answers here so I picked the “Account” category and submitted a ticket hoping it works somehow.


Hi sinaza, i have the same problem.
Can you update here about your solution? Did it work?


Sorry for not updating this after the issue was gone. Well after some time maybe 3 4 days, the payment got through so I guess they are literally working on that. I suggest you don’t make the same payment again as it’s already in progress.